BC Oostende wins the first ever BNXT Supercup

BC Oostende wins the first ever BNXT Supercup.

The first edition of the BNXT Supercup, a game between Oostende, the Belgian champion, and ZZ Leiden, the Dutch champion, took place in ‘s Hertogenbosch on Saturday. It was a smooth victory for Oostende: 90-68.

The BNXT Supercup was the prelude to the new BNXT-League, which officially starts on Friday 24 September.

Leiden started the game best and quickly ran out 10-17. But Dario Gjergja’s team quickly turned the tables and took a 25-18 lead after the first quarter. In the second quarter Oostende continued his good performance, allowing them to go into halftime with a ten-point gap: 49-39.

In the third quarter, the coastal team really came under steam. The score at the end of the third quarter was 75-54. Also in the last quarter, in which Dario Gjergja brought in a number of youngsters, Leiden was unable to narrow the gap.
Newcomer Levi Randolph was Oostende’s top scorer with 16 points, Pierre-Antoine Gillet added14 points. Jhonathan Dunn scored 24 for Leiden.

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