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European Basketball Players

The 10 Greatest European Players in NBA History

(Part 2 of 2) In this second batch of the greatest European players in NBA history, our tribute to European basketball’s enduring legacy continues. In the interest of assessing accomplishments in a more definitive and career-wide context, the list only includes retired or inactive players.

5 European Basketball Players

The 10 Greatest European Players in NBA History

(Part 1 of 2) Every year, teams across the NBA draft a fresh batch of international ballers; many of whom are European Players. The 2020-2021 season includes 107 international players from 41 countries, with all 30 teams having at least one foreign player.


Top 5 rookie seasons in NBA History

Top 5 rookie seasons in NBA History. A new season is on the horizon meaning there is another ‘draft class’ eager to make their mark on the league. Anthony Edwards and co will have to have a special year to keep up with these namest hough. Here we look at the best rookie seasons in…


The Biggest Contract Fails in NBA History

The 2020 NBA Draft is over and the period for cutting deals and negotiating trades has begun. With NBA franchises willing to spend, player contracts keep getting bigger every year.

Best Throwback basketball jerseys of all time

Best Throwback Basketball Jerseys of All Time

I remember the first time I was given a basketball jersey. I wore it everywhere and when I played basketball, I mimicked the actions of the NBA player (Steve Nash). It’s almost like basketball jerseys are alive ‒ especially when we look at the best throwback basketball jerseys of all time.  Throwback basketball jerseys help…


Top 8 Basketball Books for Mamba Mentality

You can spend countless hours on the court developing your physical attributes and skills, but we all know the best players to ever play the game have a winning mindset. Establishing a winning mindset means finding a basketball book that helps you bring out your inner champion.  In this edition of thisisbasketball.world we take a…


How Athletic Greens Addresses Chronic Fatigue

Basketball subjects its players to extreme high-energy movements such as breakneck sprints, jumps, accelerations, decelerations, and sudden shifts in direction during competition and training which may lead to chronic, constant fatigue.

Belgian Players AbroadBlog


In this TIB exclusive Players’ Blog Belgian Forward Hans Vanwijn will discuss his experiences throughout the season on a regular basis. This season is Vanwijn’s first season abroad as he plays for Dijon in the French first division. What a nice start of the season! I remember very well that when I took part in…