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TDM1: Top Rebounders

1) Mattias Palinckx (Melco Ieper): 10.7 rpg2) Bert Van de Broek (Oxaco bbc): 9.2 rpg3) Jean-Patrick Nyamsi (Royal IV Brussels): 8.1 rpg4) Rik Van den Berghe (LDP Donza): 8.1 rpg5) Bryan Anthony De Valck (Gembo BBC): 7.8 rpg


TDM1: Top Passers

1) Niels Van den Eynde (BC GUCO LIER): 4.6 apg2) Olivier Maes (Basket Sijsele): 4.4 apg3) Laurent Lhôte (Wanty Gent Hawks): 4.3 apg4) Sam Hemeleers (Melco Ieper): 3.6 apg5) Rochdi Benzouien (Royal IV Brussels): 3.5 apg

Belgian Youngsters AbroadEMBL / BNXTTDM1

Player Profile: Ajay Mitchell

It’s never easy to find that perfect environment. This past summer talented youngster Ajay Mitchell had a tough decision to make. After 2 very solid European Tournaments with the Belgian National Youth Teams (U16 & U18) and a strong berth at the NBA Academy Games (9.5 ppg) Mitchell had started raising some eyebrows with his clearly visible…


Dominant Performance from Niels Van den Eynde

Another player that has been a dominant performer in #TDM1 so far this season is 19 year old youngster Niels Van den Eynde. Despite his diminutive stature and the fact that this season is actually his rookie season in TDM1 Van Den Eynde doesn’t seem the least bit phazed and continues to do what he…


Player Profile: Louis Hazard

It’s still a bit early in the season but I’m pretty sure most people can agree that one player in particular has stepped up so far as the main contender for the TDM1 Player Of The Year award. That man is of course: Louis Hazard. The 25 year old swingman took his first steps on the…


Mid-Season Overview: Melco Ieper

Record: 12-1, .923% (1st Place)Wins: vs Lier, vs Melsele, @ Lommel, vs Limburg, @ LDP, vs Royal IV, vs Oxaco, @ Spirou, @ Gistel, vs Gent, @ Sijsele & vs WaregemLosses: @ GemboLongest Winning Streak: 6 gamesLongest Losing Streak: 1 gameTeam Scoring: 79.1 ppg (68.1 ppg allowed)Team Rebounding: 39.3 rpgTeam Passing: 12.8 apg Top Players:Louis…


Mid-Season Overview: Gembo BBC

Record: 11-2, .846% (2nd Place)Wins: vs Royal IV, @ Limburg, @ Sijsele, @ Spirou, vs Gistel, @ Lier, vs Ieper, vs Waregem, vs Lommel, vs Melsele & @ LDPLosses: @ Oxaco & @ GentLongest Winning Streak: 8 gamesLongest Losing Streak: 2 gamesTeam Scoring: 80.1 ppg (72.0 ppg allowed)Team Rebounding: 35.6 rpgTeam Passing: 11.6 apg Top…


Mid-Season Overview: Basketbal Remant Basics Melsele-Beveren

Record: 9-4, .692% (3rd Place)Wins: vs Limburg, @ Royal IV, vs LDP, @ Oxaco, vs Waregem, @ Sijsele, @ Lommel, vs Gistel & vs GentLosses: @ Ieper, @ Spirou, vs Lier & @ GemboLongest Winning Streak: 3 gamesLongest Losing Streak: 2 gamesTeam Scoring: 82.5 ppg (77.7 ppg allowed)Team Rebounding: 31.1 rpgTeam Passing: 12.1 apg Top…


Mid-Season Overview: Wanty Gent Hawks

Record: 8-5, .615% (4th Place)Wins: vs Spirou, @ Waregem, @ Gistel, @ Sijsele, vs Limburg, vs Lier, vs Gembo & vs Royal IVLosses: vs LDP, @ Oxaco, @ Lommel, @ Ieper & @ MelseleLongest Winning Streak: 4 gamesLongest Losing Streak: 2 gamesTeam Scoring: 82.2 ppg (71.4 ppg allowed)Team Rebounding: 30.7 rpgTeam Passing: 17.3 apg Top…


Mid-Season Overview: ION Basket Waregem

Record: 8-5, .615% (5th Place)Wins: @ Gistel, vs Sijsele, @ Lier, vs Limburg, vs Royal IV, vs LDP, @ Oxaco & vs SpirouLosses: vs Gent, vs Lommel, @ Melsele, @ Gembo & @ IeperLongest Winning Streak: 4 gamesLongest Losing Streak: 3 gamesTeam Scoring: 76.8 ppg (77.5 ppg allowed)Team Rebounding: 34.1 rpgTeam Passing: 10.7 apg Top…