Dario Gjergja is “happy” after the games in the bubble

Dario Gjergja is “happy” after the games in the bubble. The Lions finished the Vilnius bubble with 1 win against Czech Repubic and 1 loss against Lithuania.

I am very happy with our record“, Gjergja said at a press conference following Belgium’s defeat against the Lithuanians. “When you see that Lithuania has between 65 and 70 players abroad while we, a smaller country, missed several players, I am verry happy. We are even more happy about the attitude and the mentality. Now, we have things in our hands. We’ll need to be ready and smart in the next window.

Dario Gjergja also talked about the game: “We had a very bad start. They gave us problems in the offensive rebound but also in the pick and roll. We suffered defensively. We managed to adapt a bit in the second half but we continued to concede too many second chances and suffer in the low post.“, said Gjergja. “They also forced a lot of free throws. It’s kind of a question of experience and they have more, that’s for sure. We have to be more fluid offensively. Our opponent was very active and aggressive from the first minute. We didn’t succeed to deploy the same energy as Lithuania.”

Against teams like Lithuania the details are very important

We conceded too many offensive rebounds and against such a team, it’s never good. We did not print our pace and we lacked aggressiveness. It was complicated to have to run behind the score throughout the game. “said Pierre-Antoine Gillet. “Obviously we were aiming for victory but we knew that the point-average was also very important“, admitted Gillet. For the BCO player, this international window was successful. “You learn in every game. We did some good things, you have to remember that and work to make less mistakes. Against teams like Lithuania the details are very important and we need more than three days to work on the details.

The Belgian Lions will need a victory in February, against Denmark (20/2) or the Czech Republic (22/2), in order to qualify for the continental meeting.

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