Belgian Student-Athletes in the USA
Belgian Student-Athletes in the USA (2021-’22) (16/1/2022 Update)
Jaylen Hands extends his contract with the Antwerp Giants
Belgian cup: win for Leuven, Limburg and Mechelen

BNXT (2021-'22)

How Athletic Greens Enhances Focus and Concentration
Apart from physical strength and agility, basketball athletes need heightened cognitive function and...

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EuroMillions Basketball League


Oostende easily beats Brussels (58-90)

Oostende easily beats Brussels (58-90). Quick start from Oostende, but Brussels reacted well thanks mainly thanks to his bench. After a time-out from Coach Gjergja, Oostende ended the...

TIB EMBL Team Of The Month of February-March

Some teams only played one game in February. That’s why we decided to take two months into account this time. It’s like a bonus free throw. Congrats Dusan...

Leuven beats Limburg, wins for Aalst and Charleroi

Leuven beats Limburg, wins for Aalst and Charleroi in Euromillions Basketball league. Leuven won at home against Limburg United (35-37 and 79-68) thanks to another big game from...

End of the season for Stéphane Moris

Stéphane Moris, has been affected by a bacteria and will no longer play this season in the Euromillions Basket League announced Brussels on Thursday. The 34-year-old was hit...

Top Division Men 1 Belgium


Mid-Season Overview: Gembo BBC

Record: 11-2, .846% (2nd Place)Wins: vs Royal IV, @ Limburg, @ Sijsele, @ Spirou, vs Gistel, @ Lier, vs Ieper, vs Waregem, vs Lommel, vs Melsele & @...

Mid-Season Overview: Wanty Gent Hawks

Record: 8-5, .615% (4th Place)Wins: vs Spirou, @ Waregem, @ Gistel, @ Sijsele, vs Limburg, vs Lier, vs Gembo & vs Royal IVLosses: vs LDP, @ Oxaco, @...

Mid-Season Overview: ION Basket Waregem

Record: 8-5, .615% (5th Place)Wins: @ Gistel, vs Sijsele, @ Lier, vs Limburg, vs Royal IV, vs LDP, @ Oxaco & vs SpirouLosses: vs Gent, vs Lommel, @...

Belgian National Teams

National Teams

U18 Cats end Group Play with another loss

Our U18 Belgian Cats have gone through a difficult opening round at their European Championship in Group A. After big losses against Italy and Croatia, they...
National Teams

Belgian Lions still undefeated in Pre-Qualifiers

The Belgian Lions remained undefeated in the European Championship Pre-Qualifiers as they easily put aside Iceland with the 90-62 final score. Despite playing with a heavily...
National Teams

Belgian Lions advance to EC2021 Qualifications

The Belgian Lions did what they were supposed to do as they defeated Portugal on the road with the 60-70 final score. It was anything but...
National Teams

Belgian Cats qualified for EuroBasket 2019

Cheered on by a sold-out gym in Kortrijk our Belgian Cats defeated the Czech Republic to qualify for EuroBasket 2019. Despite a slow and nervous start...

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