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Rasta Vechta beats Gottingen and Roel Moors thanks to Jean Salumu

Rasta Vechta beats Gottingen and Roel Moors after overtime, thanks to Jean Salumu (90-102). Thanks to Jean Salumu, Rasta Vechta won 2 straight games, before the game against Gottingen. While Roel Moors’ team lost 2 straight. In the starting five, Jean Salumu was, once again, the leader for Rasta Vechta. In 23 minutes, he recorded…


Important win for Roel Moors and Göttingen

Important win for Roel Moors and Göttingen against Giessen this Saturday in Bundesliga. Göttingen had a good start of the season in Bundesliga with 2 wins in 3 games. But then, Roel Moors’ team had a lot of injuries. They lost 6 games in a row. This Saturday, it was an important game for Göttingen…

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Roel Moors beats Rasta Vechta and Jean Salumu (VIDEO)

Second game of the German Cup for Gottingen and Rasta Vechta. The team coached by Roel Moors defeated Frankfurt last game while Jean Salumu had a big impact for Rasta Vechta against Giessen. Gottingen had a very strong first half and they managed their advantage in the second half (87-99). With 2 wins in 2…

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Roel Moors beats Frankfurt, Manu Lecomte shines in debut (VIDEO)

First official game for Roel Moors as coach of Gottingen and first win for the former Antwerp Giants coach. His team defeated Frankfurt easily (79-64). For Frankfurt it was also the first official game for Manu Lecomte. He scored 16 points in a rough shooting night for his team with a 4/27 from 3’s. Next…


Leo De Rycke leaves Bamberg

After Roel Moors, Thomas Crab and Paris Lee, Bamberg decided to part ways with Sport Director Leo De Rycke. He had a contract for the next 2 years. De Rycke came from Antwerp in 2019 alongside Moors, Crab and Lee.


Retin Obasohan leaves Bamberg, Tyler Larson signs with the German team

Retin Obasohan will not stay with Bamberg next season. The German team is changing almost the entire roster and the coaching staff. Roel Moors and Thomas Crab signed with Göttingen and Paris Lee signed with Orléans. Tyler Larson played only a few months in Belgium for Liege during the 2017-2018 season before leaving for Varese….


Thomas Crab will join Roel Moors in Göttingen

Göttingen announced that Thomas Crab will be Roel Moors’s assistant for next season. “Thomas has been my assistant for 3 years. He’s a hard worker, very loyal and he knows how I want to work. It was really important for me“, says Roel Moors. Thomas Crab was Roel Moors’s assistant in Bamberg and in Antwerp….


Roel Moors signs with Göttingen

After his experience with Bamberg, Roel Moors will stay in Germany for another year as he signs a 1+ 1 deal with Göttingen. “In Antwerp, Roel show that he can form a good team and lead this team to success. We also know that Roel can do great things with a small budget“, says Frank…

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Oldenburg beats Bamberg despite another good performance from Obasohan (VIDEO)

Oldenburg have beat Bamberg in the first game of the quarter final (81-86). Our Belgian Lion Retin Obasohan scored 10 points (3/3 shooting ), grabbed 2 rebounds and dished out 1 assist in only 12 minutes ! For Oldenburg, veteran shooting Rickey Paulding scored 20 points to lead his team. The second game will be…