TIB Leader Board (EMBL) – Total Steals & SPG

EMBL Leader Board – Total Steals & PPG

(Regular Season & Playoffs)

(Stats collected from 1984-’85 up to the current season)

Total Steals

1usabelWade, ButchCenter763
2belBosco, LionelPoint Guard685
3usabelTrotter, KerryGuard/Forward598
4usabelEllis, RonForward575
5usabelBiggs, RalphSmall Forward572
6belDefraigne, YvesGuard/Forward562
7usabelClark, CarlosGuard/Forward560
8belMarion, TonyPower Forward534
9belMuya, GuyShooting Guard533
10belMoors, RoelGuard524
11belVan Impe, FrankPoint Guard504
12belBayer, PaulShooting Guard498
13belDupont, YvesCenter489
14engHuggins, RogerForward/Center472
15belMukubu, WenSmall Forward458
16usabelHanavan, IanPower Forward455
17belHaerbos, GuyPoint Guard453
18usabelRiddick, AndreCenter444
19usabelPotter, JimPower Forward436
20usaCage, JustinForward434

Steals Per Game

1usaisrArnold, JamiePower Forward3.7
2usaGreen, AndreSmall Forward3.6
3usaHowell, LenzieForward3.5
4usaHeath, JonForward3.3
5usaHargrove, DariusGuard3.2
6purRodriguez, AngelPoint Guard3.2
7usaSheehey, TomSmall Forward3.1
8usaPerkins, DoronPoint Guard3.1
9usaMoore, MarcusSmall Forward3.0
10usaMorrison, KeithForward2.9
11usaHenry, CarlGuard/Forward2.7
12belVan Ranst, GuyGuard2.7
13usaDowney, DevanPoint Guard2.7
14usaSears, RyanPoint Guard2.7
15usabelClark, CarlosGuard/Forward2.7
16usaRhone, CherokeeCenter2.6
17usaHolloway, TuPoint Guard2.5
18usaNicks, CarlGuard2.5
19usaJones, LuckyGuard/Forward2.5
20belArrendell, VincentPoint Guard2.5

Stats collected by Sven De Bolster for TIB with the help from Guy Scheerlinckx and Philippe Sadre.