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Mons beats Brussels (80-77)

Last week-end before the start of the season for EMBL teams. Before playing the opening game of the season against Antwerp, Brussels played his last preseason game against Mons without their starting center Ryan Richards. This has been a back-and-forth first quarter between the 2 teams and the game was tied after one quarter (20-20…

European Competitions

No Champions League this season for Mons-Hainaut

Mons-Hainaut will not be playing in their first ever Champions League competition this season as they lost it 71-86 in the Finals of the Qualifiers against the Danes from Bakken Bears. Mons got the 5 point lead early in the opening quarter but it would turn out to be their only lead in the entire…

European Competitions

Mons beats Anwil in the Champions League qualifiers (69-81)!

Big performance from Mons this Wednesday evening in Cyprus against Anwil (69-81). Anwil played in the Champions League last season (1 win and 1 loss against Antwerp). For Mons it was the first game ever in the Champions League. After a good start for Anwil (20-17 after 10′), the second quarter was completely in favor…