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Wen Mukubu will join Kangoeroes Mechelen

Wen Mukubu will join Kangoeroes, after his departure from Limburg. As announced on our website, Wen Mukubu will leave Limburg United but he will stay in Belgium as he signed a contract with Kangoeroes Mechelen. Brussels also showed interest in Mukubu, but the former Belgian Lion decided to sign with Kangoeroes. The always spectacular Mukubu…


Wen Mukubu will leave Limburg

Wen Mukubu will leave Limburg after this season. In HBVL, Wen Mukubu explained that he will leave Limburg at the end of the season after 5 seasons with the team: ““I got no explanation. I fully understand that it is business and it is not about the way I play.. It still hurts because I…


TIB High Five (8-10 January)

Here is our weekly TIB High Five (8-10 January)  Alex Libert Due to the coronacrisis, budgets went down this season in het EuroMillions Basketball League. As a consequence, youngsters get more minutes than ever before. The best youngsters of this early season are Nakic, Djurisic, Sylla, Bleijenbergh, D’Espallier but none of them made it to…