How Athletic Greens Addresses Joint Stress and Injuries

What is Joint Stress? 

joint stress and injuries

Joint stress and injuries are key concerns because the rigors of competitive basketball and constant training exact an extensive physical toll on the body. The sport’s fast pace demands extreme quickness and dexterity. Basketball athletes execute short runs with swift acceleration and abrupt halts hundreds of times each game. Continuous pivoting of the foot and endless jumping place enormous stress on the joints and bones of the back and lower extremities. 

During the course of a game, scrimmage, or training routine, the weight that the lower body has to bear causes strain on the bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Overuse and repetitive high-impact activities are typical causes of joint stress. Prolonged stress on the joints may cause a host of injuries and overall wear and tear.  

The Consequences of Joint Stress 

joint stress and injuries

The most common injuries from joint stress for both men and women are anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) tears of the knee, jumper’s knee, ankle sprains, hip strains, pulled muscles, and Achilles tendon injuries. Joint stress may lead to “bone fatigue” which gradually weakens the knee and leaves the lower body susceptible to further injuries. 

Other Injuries 

joint stress and injuries

Apart from joint stress, injuries to the arms and fingers are also common among basketball athletes. Hands and fingers are frequently jammed, stubbed, sprained, or fractured. In addition, concussions and head trauma from collisions or bad falls are part of the hazards that basketball players must face during each and every game. 

This is because today’s modern game has become faster and more agile. Top players are taller, heavier, faster, and stronger. As a result, basketball athletes have one of the highest injury rates out of all professional and amateur team sports. A torn ligament can end a player’s season. More serious injuries have finished so many promising basketball careers. As joint stress and other physical trauma can’t be entirely avoided, athletes hoping to make it to the big leagues should possess excellent physical fitness to minimize joint stress and lower their risk for other injuries.  

How Athletic Greens Can Help 

Training and exercise along with proper nutrition equip the body with stamina and energy to overcome the physical burdens of competitive basketball. However, the nutritional component in sports training is often overlooked. Even professional athletes do not get all the nutrients they need to stay in peak playing form.  

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily is a plant-based, all-natural health drink. It contains 75 ingredients that cover the full spectrum of every basketball player’s health needs. It’s recommended by professional athletes, trainers, and health experts. Devised specifically for athletes in 2010, the recipe and ingredients have been continuously adjusted and improved to produce the best formula to date. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, plant extracts, and enzymes. 

joint stress and injuries

Taking it just once a day rejuvenates sore and aching joints and muscles, reduces inflammation, and expedites the body’s natural cell-regeneration process to prepare the body for the next game, practice, or workout. Athletic Greens can help delay the onset of fatigue to sustain top-level performance while moderating the impact of joint stress. Essential ingredients with high-absorption properties enhance body composition and strength as well as preserve optimal immune function, add elasticity to cartilage and increase bone and muscle density. Athletic Greens significantly hastens the recuperation and recovery time from injury and reduces the likelihood of potential injuries.

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