Important win for Roel Moors and Göttingen

Important win for Roel Moors and Göttingen against Giessen this Saturday in Bundesliga.

Göttingen had a good start of the season in Bundesliga with 2 wins in 3 games. But then, Roel Moors’ team had a lot of injuries. They lost 6 games in a row.

This Saturday, it was an important game for Göttingen against Giessen. Both team had 2 wins before the game.

Thanks to a fast start, Göttingen was quickly in front (24-28 after 10′). Roels Moors’ was up by 6 at halftime (44-50).

After the break, the gap constantly increased in favor of Göttingen (65-79 after 32′). In the last minutes Giessen had a big run, but Göttingen secured an important win (90-92). It was an important win for Roel Moors and Göttingen, they now have a record of 3 wins in 10 games.

Roel Moors after the game: “I think it wasn’t an easy game for us today. But if you don’t win many games in a row, doubts arise in the team. Today we did a lot of things well and were in control most of the time. The fact that we slacked off again at the end is perhaps typical of a team that hasn’t won for a long time. But we want to take the things we did right with us into the next game.

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