Jean Salumu and Elias Lasisi duel as Crailsheim beats Vechta (VIDEO)

Jean Salumu and Elias Lasisi duel as Crailsheim beats Vechta this Sunday (81-98).

Our Belgian Lions in Bundesliga are in a good form ! This Sunday, we had a nice duel between Jean Salumu and Elias Lasisi.

For Rasta Vechta, Jean Salumu had a great game, he recorded 22 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist. He finishes as the top scorer of his team. But it was not enough to stop Crailsheim and Elias Lasisi. The former Oostende player scored 19 points (3-3 3Pt). Crailsheim scored 22 unanswered points after the break to take a decisive advantage (81-98).

In the standings, Rasta Vechta is tied with Ludwigsburg for the 1st place ! Rasta Vechta is still winless in this season with 9 losses in 9 games.

Tuomas Iisalo (Head Coach HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim): “In the end it was enough because we had many second chances and we successfully completed our fast breaks. But I’m not happy with my job in preparation for this game. Because my players sat back in many phases of the game today, they were sloppy in defense. And Vechta was very well prepared for our pick and roll defense. I always had the feeling that we are too slow and that Vechta is one step faster than us. But we’ve already won a lot of games this season, and that experience helped us in the difficult moments today. It is quite normal for our young team to have these, because when you are young you can be a bit careless. But it’s our job as coaches not to accept that. So it’s a big challenge for us. In the end, Vechta played well, but we were a little better.

Thomas Päch (Head Coach RASTA Vechta): ” Congratulations to Thomas and Crailsheim for playing great basketball again. Really fun watching you. I actually had the feeling that we went into the game well prepared. But in defense we were too passive at the beginning. But Trae Bell-Haynes is having an incredible season right now and has beaten us one-on-one a lot today. In the 1st half we had some free-throws offensively, in the 2nd, on the other hand, we lacked the energy, tension at both ends of the floor. In the third quarter we had nine turnovers, all of which led to these Crailsheimers’ fast break points. And if the opponent doesn’t have to do anything else, running up front and scoring, then it’ll be difficult at some point. Then in the fourth quarter there is also the fact that Crailsheim shows its self-confidence and that you make the right decisions at important moments. What annoys me is that I don’t think my team understand the situation we are in. But it’s about going into such a game with more physique, more aggressiveness and maybe more anger in your stomach. But I have probably not been able to let everyone realize where we are right now.

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