Player Profile: Omar Thielemans

It’s been a tough couple of seasons for the youngster who left Gistel-Oostende in the summer of 2018 to continue his development in the USA. The 2m01 tall all-rounded Forward was offered a scholarship by Arizona and accepted but before the season even started Thielemans opted to transfer out of Arizona, probably because his chances of playing time had gone down significantly after Arizona compiled the top recruiting class of 2019.

Thielemans then agreed to transfer to Wright State but apparently changed his mind and selected Milwaukee instead. In the end he would end up not playing for either one of them and actually got his first playing time this season at South Plains College, competing in the NJCAA.

As a Redshirt Freshman Thielemans competed in a total of 18 games but saw very limited playing time with only 6.4 mpg in which he averaged 0.6 ppg & 1.2 rpg. He had his best game of the season in a victory against Frank Phillips (Feb. 24) when he finished with 4 pts, 4 rebs & 5 asts in 20 mins of action.

2019-’20 Season-Highs (South Plains):
Record: 14-4
Full Stat-line: 0.6 ppg, 1.2 rpg, 0.4 apg & 0.1 spg in 6.4 mpg
Points: 4 pts (vs. Frank Phillips, 24/02/2020)
Rebounds: 6 rebs (@ Western-Texas, 3/02/2020)
Assists: 5 asts (vs. Frank Phillips, 24/02/2020)
Steals: 1 stl (@ Midland, 20/02/2020)

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