Rasta Vechta beats Gottingen and Roel Moors thanks to Jean Salumu

Rasta Vechta beats Gottingen and Roel Moors after overtime, thanks to Jean Salumu (90-102).

Thanks to Jean Salumu, Rasta Vechta won 2 straight games, before the game against Gottingen. While Roel Moors’ team lost 2 straight.

In the starting five, Jean Salumu was, once again, the leader for Rasta Vechta. In 23 minutes, he recorded 22 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. He finishes as the top scorer of his team. For Gottingen Luke Nelson scored 23 points.

Roel Moors (Head Coach BG Göttingen): “ I am of course very disappointed. We gave the game to Rasta Vechta. We had a good rhythm both offensively and defensively, which we unfortunately couldn’t keep for 40 minutes. We made very, very bad decisions – including our experienced players. If an opponent sees the lead getting smaller, he believes in victory again. That happened today. Our poor game management was disappointing.

Thomas Päch (Head Coach RASTA Vechta): ” After our bad start to the season, these three wins in a row show what kind of character we have in the team. The character just makes the difference. Nonetheless, we have to understand that a first half like the one we played today is not acceptable. There was far too little energy and passion and intensity and speed in it. We kind of found a way to make up for it in the second half and I’m very proud of that. But we learn from this game that over 40 or 45 minutes we have to present ourselves better than what we did today.”

Gottingen is now 3-10 this season while Rasta Vechta is 3-11.

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