Toumani Camara leads Georgia to another win (VIDEO)

Toumani Camara leads Georgia to another win against Montana.

Toumani Camara already had 2 big games this season: against North Georgia and Jacksonville. The game against Montana wasn’t different. Toumani Camara was Georgia’s leader.

In 34 minutes ( the biggest playing time of his team), he recorded 15 points, 17 rebounds (!), 3 steals, 1 block and 1 assist. It is his first career double-double.

Coach Crean was not really happy with his team’ mindset: “We were fortunate. We really were because we had guys that showed up like they were 3-0, rather than trying to get on a one-game winning streak. It’s a whole different mindset.”

We need to play better and we will. The lineups will change as we go, and some guys will flourish and some guys will take a little bit longer to figure it out. We have to be good together, and when we are, then we’ll be fine.”, Said Coach Crean.

Toumani Camara also reacted after the game: “I need to do everything i can for my team. Rebounding is something I need to focus on every game. Today was a good day about it. I just need to keep going and keep it up everytime. (…) I believe rebounding is mostly energy and how wants it more ! Having my energy at 100% everytime is very important in my game. (…) If you have the willing to play defense every night it will stay, if we have this, we will be a good team.

Georgia is now 4-0. Toumani Camara’s team will play his next game against Samford

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