Game winning bucket for Sam Van Rossom in Euroleague (VIDEO)

The Euroleague is back ! And the first week of the season offered us a Belgian confrontation between Valencia (with Sam Van Rossom) and ASVEL (with Ismael Bako).

Bako played only 8 minutes for ASVEL in which he dished out 2 assists.

In the starting lineup, Sam Van Rossom scored the firsts points of the game. When the game was tied at 63-63 with only 24 seconds to play, Van Rossom easily passed Norris Cole, the former NBA champion with Miami, to give the decisive advantage to Valencia (65-63).

Van Rossom played 20 minutes and scored 4 points, the first and the last bucket of the game (!), to go with 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

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