Maxime De Zeeuw: “The basketball IQ of Dario Gjergja is off the charts”

This Sunday morning, we talked to Maxime De Zeeuw: “ The Basketball IQ of Dario Gjergja is off the charts

In our TIB Playground podcast, Maxime De Zeeuw talked about Dario Gjergja:” His basketball IQ is off the charts. Dario Gjergja knows everything, he lives for basketball. He’s a real student of the game. He knows every play, every offense, every defense. He’s giving confidence to everybody and with him, everything is clear from the beginning. He’s honnest and I think that every player who play for him wants to give everything because he is very close to his players.

The Belgian Lion also talked about Darios Gjergja‘ image:” I know, a lot of people they have a bad image of him because of his reactions on the bench. But trust me, he’s special. We’re very lucky to have him and I hope we’ll have him for a long time.

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