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Dario Gjergja is “happy” after the games in the bubble

Dario Gjergja is “happy” after the games in the bubble. The Lions finished the Vilnius bubble with 1 win against Czech Repubic and 1 loss against Lithuania. “I am very happy with our record“, Gjergja said at a press conference following Belgium’s defeat against the Lithuanians. “When you see that Lithuania has between 65 and…

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Retin Obasohan after the win against Czech Republic: “I’m proud of our team”

Retin Obasohan was happy after the win against Czech Republic:” I’m proud of our team. From the first guy to the last one. We did our best to represent our country. This was a great team effort. When we trust each other, we bring the best of each other.” Dario Gjergja also reacted after the…

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Basketball legend Rik Samaey looks back on his period as a player for Sunair Oostende

On May 25th Basketball Club Ostend celebrates its 50th anniversary. The past nine years, Filou Oostende turned out to be unbeatable in the Finals of Belgian basketball. In the last century, there was yet another period of success. Ostend was not exactly a top team in the seventies, until a young talented player – Rik…

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Riding the wave

After the amazing successes of our Belgian Cats it was now up to our Belgian Lions to put Belgian Basketball on the map. And in this first game of the FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers they did just that by defeating number 8 in the world Lithuania with the convincing 86-65 final score. Although we can’t…